.05-1 Special Requirements for the Provision of Home Medical Equipment Services.

A. A provider of home medical equipment services shall meet the requirements of this regulation in addition to meeting the requirements of Regulations .02—.03 of this chapter.

B. An agency shall:

(1) Ensure that personnel demonstrate competency in delivering and installing the equipment;

(2) Provide education, training, and written instructions to the patient and his or her caregivers on the use of the equipment before the equipment is used, and provide retraining as needed;

(3) Provide the patient and caregivers with the telephone number of persons who can deliver critical care on an emergency basis;

(4) Provide the prescribing physician with a copy of the:

(a) Qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of agency personnel who deliver the services, and

(b) Instructions given to the patient and the patient's caregivers;

(5) Maintain a clinical record for each patient receiving home medical equipment services; and

(6) Ensure that the installation, maintenance, repair, and storage of home medical equipment meet with manufacturer's specifications.