.22 Resident Rights.

A. The center shall post the list of resident rights in areas of the center where the residents can read the posting. A resident of a residential treatment center has the right to:

(1) Be treated with respect;

(2) Have their cultural spiritual, personal beliefs, values, and preferences respected;

(3) Personal privacy;

(4) Practice their religious beliefs;

(5) Receive information about care and treatment in a manner that he or she understands;

(6) Be free from neglect, exploitation, and verbal, sexual, physical, and mental abuse;

(7) Access protection and advocacy services;

(8) Receive care in a safe setting;

(9) File a complaint and have it investigated without fear of retribution;

(10) Have visitors in accordance with the centerís visitation policy;

(11) Send and receive mail;

(12) Consult with their attorney, advocate, or social worker in private; and

(13) Make and receive telephone calls in accordance with the centerís policy.

B. The residentís parents or guardians or, if the resident is age 18 or older, the resident shall have the right to:

(1) Be involved in the treatment planning process;

(2) Consent to treatment and medication;

(3) Be informed of changes in the treatment plan and medication regimen;

(4) Withhold consent for treatment; and

(5) Have complaints investigated in a timely manner.

C. A residentís rights shall only be restricted if the provision of that right poses a threat to the therapeutic needs of the resident or places the residentís or other residentsí safety and security at risk.

D. Restrictions on a residentís rights shall be documented in the treatment plan and reviewed and approved by the treatment team.

E. Restrictions on a residentís rights shall be removed as soon as possible when the restriction is not therapeutically indicated.