.15 Accommodations.

A. Usable Living Space Needed.

(1) Each center shall provide at least 35 square feet of usable floor space per resident, in addition to bedroom space, in order to meet minimal requirements for dining, living, and recreational facilities.

(2) A minimum of 80 square feet is required for single occupancy bedrooms, and 60 square feet per bed for multiple occupancy bedrooms.

(3) Usable space excludes service areas, entrance ways, door swing areas, closets, dormers, and other breaks in floor areas.

B. Closet Space. Adequate closet space, conveniently located, shall be provided to allow each resident to keep necessary items of clothing and other personal belongings.

C. Areas Devoted to Educational Programs. Provision of space for classrooms and other educational activities shall be made in accordance with the needs of the center as approved by the Department of Education.