.14 Staffing Requirements.

A. The administrator shall employ sufficient and qualified personnel to ensure adequate treatment and care of the residents and the maintenance, cleaning, and housekeeping.

B. The staff shall be sufficient in number so that the individual needs of residents are met.

C. Provision shall be made for relief personnel during vacations or other relief periods. The relief personnel shall have qualifications equivalent to those of the person being relieved.

D. Clinical staff shall, at a minimum, have current training in:

(1) CPR;

(2) The Heimlich maneuver; and

(3) First aid.

E. The center shall ensure that one or more competent trained individuals are present 24 hours a day with the required skills to address medical and behavioral emergencies.

F. The center shall maintain personnel records on each employee, including:

(1) The initial application;

(2) Current professional license and certification;

(3) Criminal background checks; and

(4) Performance appraisals and annual competency evaluations.

G. Each staff member shall have a pre-employment examination for tuberculosis and additional testing when known TB exposure occurs.

H. There shall be personnel policies which define staff jobs, qualifications, hours, vacation, sick leave, and retirement.