.13 Health Services.

A. Supervision of Treatment Program. Treatment at any center shall be under the direction of a qualified psychiatrist who is responsible for the adequacy, quality, and appropriateness of the treatment program for each resident. There shall be sufficient professional personnel to ensure the implementation of the treatment program for each resident.

B. Medical Supervision. A resident shall be under the medical care of a physician licensed in the State. Each resident shall have a complete physical examination done within 30 days before admission, and updated within 72 hours after admission, and at appropriate, regularly scheduled intervals thereafter.

C. Principal Physician. The center shall arrange for a physician to serve as principal physician and a qualified relief to cover periods when their services are not available. The medical director or assigned on call physician shall respond at times of emergency and be available as needed to advise the administrator and nursing staff on medical questions.

D. Restrictions on Medication. Medication may not be given without the written order of a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant except in an emergency when medication or treatment may be given on the verbal or telephone order of the prescriber. These orders shall be entered on the doctor's order sheet and shall be confirmed by the prescriber at the next visit.

E. Medication Handling. The center shall comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws and ordinances, standards, and codes regulating the purchasing, handling, storage, administration, and recording of medications, including controlled substances.