.12 Management Requirements.

A. Responsibility. The licensee is responsible for conformance with licensing regulations.

B. Responsible Person. The licensee or administrator appointed by the licensee and all persons in supervisory or other responsible positions shall be 21 years old or older. The licensee shall ensure 24-hour coverage by an administrator or designee.

C. Qualifications of Administrator.

(1) The administrator of the center shall be a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, registered nurse, or any other person trained in the behavioral sciences or in administration.

(2) The administrator shall be capable by experience and training of directing and supervising persons working in the center.

D. Financial Responsibility. The licensee shall provide to the Secretary assurance of financial responsibility to meet the minimum needs for services offered, safety, maintenance, food, and comfort of the residents of the center.

E. Compliance with Regulations.

(1) The licensee shall charge the administrator to be familiar with this chapter.

(2) The licensee or administrator shall also familiarize employees with those standards related to their work.

(3) The centerís governing body shall be responsible for the centerís compliance with all applicable federal and State regulations.

F. Availability of Information. The licensee or administrator shall make available to the Secretary such information as may be requested to ensure that the institution is meeting requirements of this chapter.