.11 Food Services.

A. Dietary Requirements. The following minimum requirements shall be observed:

(1) A minimum of three meals in each 24 hour period shall be served. In addition, nutritious between meal and bedtime snacks should be offered to all residents no less than 1-1/2 to 2 hours before the next meal.

(2) There may not be an interval longer than 12 hours from the evening meal or substantial bedtime snack to breakfast. The diet shall consist of simply prepared, appropriately served, palatable foods including a minimum of the following daily:

(a) Milk: Under 9 years 3—4 cups
9—12 years 3 cups
Adolescents 4 cups
Adults 2 cups;

(b) Meat, fish, poultry, eggs: Two servings per day;

(c) Vegetables and fruits: Four servings per day, including one serving of citrus fruit or tomato daily and one serving of a dark green or deep yellow vegetable or fruit five times weekly;

(d) Breads and Cereals: Four servings daily.

(3) Size of servings and consistency or texture of food will be regulated by the age and condition of the residents.

(4) A record of the current week's menu plan shall be posted and kept on file for the following 2 weeks. A time schedule for service of meals to residents and personnel should be established and it is recommenced that meals be served approximately 4 hours apart for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

(5) Special diets or any variation of these requirements ordered by the resident's physician shall be provided for residents as ordered.

(6) Meals shall be served in a dining or community room equipped with furniture and utensils appropriate to the age and development of the residents. A resident with a temporary illness shall be served privately.

B. Sanitation and Personal Hygiene. All applicable requirements of COMAR 10.15.03 shall be observed.