.10 General Requirements.

A. Cleanliness and Maintenance. The following shall be observed:

(1) The building and all its parts and facilities shall be kept in good repair, neat, and attractive. The safety and comfort of the residents shall be the first consideration.

(2) All walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and fixtures shall be kept clean. Interior walls and floors shall be easily cleanable.

(3) Adequate storage space shall be provided for excess supplies, personal possessions of residents and staff, linens, and similar items. This storage space may not constitute a fire or accident hazard, and may not be in the way of residents or staff. All supplies shall be stored 10 inches off the floor and away from the wall to allow for cleaning and pest control.

(4) The grounds shall be kept clean, neat, reasonably attractive, and free of hazards.

(5) The center shall be maintained free from insects and rodents.

(6) Bathtubs and hand sinks may not be used for laundering or storing soiled linens.

(7) Bathtubs and shower stalls may not be used for storage.

B. The center shall provide adequate furnishings and equipment to meet the needs of the residents, including but not limited to:

(1) Beds and mattresses in good repair;

(2) A storage area for each resident within their room;

(3) A desk and chair for each resident room; and

(4) Adequate furnishings in dayrooms and lounge areas to allow for recreational and relaxation purposes.