.08 Physical Plant.

A. Construction. A new building designated as a residential treatment center and any existing building proposed for conversion for this use shall meet the following:

(1) The construction of the building shall prevent the entrance and harborage of rats and other rodents;

(2) The center shall comply with all other applicable governing laws or ordinances; and

(3) The center shall be constructed to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

B. Heating. A center shall be equipped with a central heating system capable of maintaining a minimum temperature of 68F throughout the residential section of the building when the temperature falls to 0F or below. Alternate modern types of heating systems may be accepted if approved by the fire authorities. Space heaters and portable heaters are not acceptable.

C. Lighting.

(1) Lighting shall be adequate for the activities conducted in the various areas.

(2) Bedrooms and dormitories shall be lighted by outside windows and shall also have artificial light adequate for reading and other uses.

(3) All entrances, hallways, stairways, inclines, ramps, cellars, attics, storerooms, kitchens, laundries, and service units shall have sufficient artificial lighting to prevent accidents and promote efficiency of service.

D. Bathrooms. A center shall provide the following minimum bathroom facilities:

(1) One hand sink and one toilet for each six residents of the same sex on each floor;

(2) One bathtub or shower for each 12 beds on each floor;

(3) The number of beds for which the center is licensed shall be used in determining the number of bathroom fixtures required even if some of the beds are not occupied;

(4) There shall be one complete bathroom on each floor used by the residents, regardless of the number of beds;

(5) All bath and toilet rooms shall be easily accessible, conveniently located and well lighted with a night light burning all night and have mechanical exhaust ventilation;

(6) A lavatory or toilet facility may not:

(a) Open directly into a kitchen, pantry or food preparation room; or

(b) Be located so that a resident is required to pass through another resident's room to enter it; and

(7) Bathrooms shall be constructed using anti-ligature fixtures and designed for the safety of the residents.

E. Plumbing.

(1) All plumbing within the building shall be installed in conformance with existing building and sanitary regulations.

(2) All sewage disposal shall be in accordance with existing regulations.

F. Water Supply.

(1) Centers shall be served by water from a safe public water supply, if available, as determined by the Department. If a safe public water supply is not available, a private water supply approved by the Department may be used.

(2) Adequacy. The supply shall be adequate in quantity and delivered under sufficient pressure to satisfactorily serve fixtures in the center.

(3) Temperature. The hot water heating equipment shall be of sufficient capacity to supply an adequate amount of water not in excess of 125F for bathing and showering. The center shall install mixing valves or other anti-scalding devices.

(4) Hot water for kitchen and laundry use shall be at least 160F.

G. Seclusion and Restraint.

(1) Seclusion and restraint rooms shall be constructed and maintained free of hazards to ensure the safety of the residents.

(2) The rooms shall allow for the unobstructed view of the resident.

(3) The rooms shall be equipped with adequate lighting for the staff to view the resident.

(4) Locking mechanisms on doors shall allow for prompt access in the event of an emergency.

(5) The rooms shall be adequate in size for staff to safely restrain residents or provide emergency care and treatment.