.03 License Requirements.

A. License Required. A person may not establish, conduct, maintain, or operate in the State a center without first obtaining a license from the Secretary.

B. Separate License Required. Centers maintained on separate premises shall obtain separate licenses, even though operated under the same management.

C. License Not Required Under This Chapter. The following facilities are not deemed to be within the purview of these licensing requirements and are not required to obtain a license under these provisions:

(1) Any institution for well children, including day nurseries, child care centers, foster boarding homes, and institutions for intellectually disabled children; and

(2) Institutions operated by the Federal Government.

D. Posting of License. The license shall be posted conspicuously on the premises.

E. Other Licensing Requirements. Before issuing a license the Secretary shall receive written notification that the center meets the following requirements:

(1) Clinical services and treatment program shall be approved by the Department;

(2) Child care services and program shall be approved by the Department of Human Services in accordance with its published regulations;

(3) The educational program shall be approved by the State Department of Education.

F. Licensed Capacity. A center may not admit residents in excess of the number authorized and shown on the current license.