.66 Relocation of Residents.

A. The facility shall develop and implement a written plan to provide for the smooth and orderly transfer of residents if the facility closes.

B. The plan for relocation shall include:

(1) A description of how residents, families, or guardians will be notified and by whom;

(2) Sample letters and other documents that will be used during a closure;

(3) Procedures for notifying Medicaid and other payment sources;

(4) Procedures for notifying the Office of Health Care Quality; and

(5) A mechanism to ensure the safe and orderly transfer of residents that takes into account:

(a) Roommates, medical care, religious affiliation, geographical location and payer source;

(b) Proper assessment and identification of any special needs;

(c) Transfer of medical information and records; and

(d) Transfer of personal property.