.53 Rehabilitation Facilities — Space and Equipment.

A. Unless otherwise indicated, all general requirements apply to both new construction and an existing nursing home.

B. General Requirements.

(1) Space.

(a) A nursing home shall provide adequate space to:

(i) Receive, examine, and treat residents;

(ii) Store supplies and equipment, including wheelchairs and stretchers; and

(iii) Provide office space for the employed personnel to work.

(b) A nursing home shall allot 75 square feet for treatment area per resident, based on peak treatment schedules.

(c) A nursing home shall plan and arrange space for shared use by physical therapy and occupational therapy staff and residents, if scheduling permits.

(d) A nursing home may distribute space in the following manner:

(i) Storage space shall comprise at least 10 percent of the area designated for exercise and rehabilitation; and

(ii) Office space shall be at least 110 square feet for one therapist, or 85 square feet per therapist if there are two or more.

(2) Equipment.

(a) Equipment shall allow for providing safe and effective resident care.

(b) All electrical equipment shall be calibrated according to the manufacturer's guidelines and shall be serviced periodically as part of a preventive maintenance program. A sticker bearing the date of the most current inspection shall be affixed on each piece of equipment.

(c) All electrical equipment shall be tested periodically for proper grounding, current leakage, and calibration where appropriate.

(d) The operatorís instruction manual shall be available in a designated location or accessible electronically at all times.

(e) All flammables shall be stored in compliance with NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities.

(f) Adequate exhaust ventilation shall be provided when using vaporous materials or pollutants.

(3) Toilet Facilities in Rehabilitation Area — New Construction.

(a) A nursing home with rehabilitation areas shall provide a hand-washing sink and toilet which meet Guidelines for Design and Construction of Residential Health, Care, and Support Facilities standards for residents who use a wheelchair.

(b) The nursing home shall be readily accessible to the residents receiving rehabilitative services.

(c) Toilets and bathing rooms within a rehabilitation area shall be equipped with a nurse call system.