.52 Equipment and Supplies for Bedside Care and Therapy.

A. Needs of Residents.

(1) There shall be sufficient equipment to meet the needs of the residents admitted.

(2) The administrator shall obtain specific items required for individual cases where requested by the attending physician or medical director.

(3) The Department may require that the nursing home have specific types of equipment based on the needs of the residents.

(4) A nursing home shall establish and enforce a written preventive maintenance program to ensure that all resident care and therapy equipment is maintained in safe operating condition.

B. Use of Hot Packs, Ice Packs, and Other Therapeutic Medical Devices.

(1) Covers shall be placed on hot packs, ice packs and other temperature-related therapeutic medical devices before they are placed in a bed or on a resident.

(2) The temperatures in the building, hot packs, and therapeutic equipment may not exceed 120°F or 49°C.

(3) The use of hot and cold medical devices shall be:

(a) Consistent with manufacturer’ guidelines and nursing home policies; and

(b) Maintained and applied by trained staff.