.51 Resident Bathroom Amenities.

A. Bathing.

(1) There shall be at least one separate room or compartment with a bathtub, shower, or other bathing device, as approved by the Department, for every 15 licensed beds.

(2) The compartment shall be large enough to accommodate:

(a) The resident;

(b) A caregiver; and

(c) A wheelchair, shower chair, or shower bed.

B. Toilets.

(1) For every eight beds, there shall be at least one toilet enclosed in a separate room or stall.

(2) Each floor shall have at least one toilet room large enough to:

(a) Accommodate:

(i) The resident;

(ii) A wheelchair; and

(iii) A caregiver; and

(b) Permit toilet assistance or training.

C. Sinks.

(1) For every four licensed beds, there shall be at least one hand-washing sink.

(2) For hand-washing purposes, there shall be a towel dispenser and a supply of paper towels and soap dispenser adjacent to each sink.