.48 Call Systems.

A. Call System.

(1) A nurse call system shall be installed and maintained in operating order in all nursing units.

(2) A call system shall be maintained in a manner that will provide visible and audible signal communication between nursing service personnel and residents.

(3) A call station shall provide readily accessible and detachable extension cords to each residentís bed in the residentsí rooms at all times.

(4) A call system shall have a visible signal above the door of each residentís bedroom that shall be visible from all parts of the corridor.

(5) A call system shall provide visual lights at corridor intersections, in multi-corridor nursing units.

(6) A call system shall be provided in each residentís bathroom and bathing area in locations accessible to the residents.

(7) The call system shall enable residents in the rehabilitation area to summon rehabilitation staff.

(8) The nursesí call system shall require resetting at the station where the call originates.

B. Wireless Call Systems.

(1) A call system that uses wireless pagers or other wireless communication devices may be used as an alternative system.

(2) A wireless device shall:

(a) Be issued to all assigned direct care staff; and

(b) Receive signals originating from residentsí bedrooms, bathrooms, bathing areas, and therapy areas.

(3) The use of an approved wireless call system shall eliminate the need to install call light indicators outside the residentsí bedrooms, bathrooms, bathing areas, and therapy areas.

(4) A computer system with a monitor or other electronic display device may be installed to replace the call system annunciator, as long as it reveals the location where the signal originated and sounds an audible alert tone.Otherwise, a dedicated annunciator connected to the wireless call system will be needed.

(5) An electrically powered call system shall be connected to the emergency power supply.

(6) The sounding of the audible signal shall be continuous or intermittent until answered.

(7) The audible signal may not be turned off at the nursing station.

(8) The audible signal shall be loud enough to be heard at the nursesí station.