.39 Transfer Agreement.

A. Written Agreement. A written agreement with at least one acute hospital shall be effected which shall provide for the following actions:

(1) Planning to ensure that all services required for the continuity of resident care will be made available promptly;

(2) Advance discussion with the resident regarding the reason for the transfer and any available alternatives;

(3) Notification to the next of kin or responsible person regarding the anticipated transfer;

(4) Interchange of medical and other information necessary in the care and treatment of residents transferred between facilities, including notification of the licensed pharmacist of resident transfer;

(5) Safe and timely transportation and care of the resident during transfer;

(6) Security and accountability for the residentís personal effects;

(7) Prompt readmission to the nursing home at the end of the hospital stay;

(8) Annual review of transfer arrangements by a utilization review committee or other designated group to ensure that each party is fulfilling the needs of the residents, the providers, the hospital, and the nursing home;

(9) If needs are not being met, the administrator of the nursing home shall act on recommendations of the reviewing group to effect compliance;

(10) Before licensure, the comprehensive care facility or the extended care facility shall submit to the Department a copy of the written agreement, signed by persons authorized to execute the agreement on behalf of the facilities;

(11) Each facility shall maintain a signed copy of the agreement.

B. Facilities Under Common Control. If two facilities are under common control, a written agreement is not required; policies and procedures of both facilities shall provide assurance that §A(1)—(12) will be the practice of the facilities.

C. Human remains shall be transported pursuant to COMAR 10.29.21.