.31 Resident Activities.

A. Activities Program. The nursing home shall provide:

(1) A program of structured and unstructured activities; and

(2) Activities designed and monitored appropriately to meet the day-to-day needs and interests of each resident and encourage:

(a) Self-care;

(b) Engagement in resident-selected activities; and

(c) Maintenance of an optimal level of psychosocial functioning.

B. Staffing. A staff member who is qualified by experience or training shall be appointed to be responsible for the activities program. If the designee is not a qualified resident activities coordinator as defined in Regulation .01 of this chapter, the Department may approve the designee based on the personís education, performance, and experience.

C. If the Department determines that an effective program is not maintained consultation may be required as specified by the Department.

D. Restrictions on Participation Documented on Chart. The physician shall document in the residentís chart any restrictions applicable to the residentís participation in the activities program.

E. Objective. The activities shall be designed to promote the general health and physical, social, and mental well-being of the residents.

F. Space, Supplies. The nursing home shall provide adequate space and a variety of supplies and equipment to satisfy the appropriate individual activity needs of residents.