.28 Laboratory and Radiologic Services.

A. Approved Source. Laboratory services provided by the facility shall meet the applicable conditions established under COMAR 10.10.01 Medical Laboratories in Maryland.

B. Provisions of Services. If the facility does not provide laboratory and radiologic services, arrangements shall be made for obtaining these services from a physician's office, a licensed laboratory in a hospital or nursing facility, a licensed independent laboratory, or a State-approved portable X-ray supplier.

C. Physician's Order Required. All services shall be provided only on the orders of the attending physician.

D. Reports of Findings. The nursing home shall notify the attending physician promptly of the findings. The nursing home shall file signed and dated reports of diagnostic services in the residentís medical record.

E. Transportation. The nursing home shall assist the resident, if necessary, in arranging transportation to and from the source of service.

F. Blood and Blood Products — Blood Handling and Storage. Blood handling and storage facilities shall be safe, adequate, and properly supervised.

G. Storage and Transfusion. If the facility provides for maintaining and transfusing blood and blood products, it shall meet the standards in COMAR 10.10.02 Blood Banks.

H. Transfusion Services. If the nursing home only provides transfusion services, it shall meet at least the requirements established under COMAR 10.10.02.