.19 Nursing Services — Staffing.

A. Supervisory Personnel — Nursing Homes.

(1) Nursing homes shall provide at least the following supervisory personnel:

Residents Registered Nurses
(a) 2—99 One—full-time
(b) 100—199 Two—full-time
(c) 200—299 Three—full-time
(d) 300—399 Four—full-time

(2) The director of nursing’s time is included in §A(1) of this regulation.

B. Hours of Bedside Care — Nursing Home.

(1) A nursing home shall employ supervisory personnel and a sufficient number of support personnel to provide a minimum of 3 hours of bedside care per occupied bed per day, 7 days per week.

(2) Bedside hours include the care provided by:

(a) Registered nurses;

(b) Licensed practical nurses; and

(c) Support personnel.

(3) Only those hours which the director of nursing spends in bedside care may be counted in the 3-hour minimum requirement.

(4) The director of nursing’s time counted in bedside care shall be documented.

C. Staffing in Nursing Home.

(1) A nursing home shall be staffed with at least one registered nurse, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

(2) Additional registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and support personnel shall be employed to meet the needs of all the residents admitted. The nursing home shall be staffed as referenced in §§A and B of this regulation.

D. Nursing Service Personnel on Duty. The ratio of nursing service personnel on duty providing bedside care to residents may not at any time be less than one to 15.