.15 Medical Director — Qualifications.

A. Medical Director Qualifications. The nursing home shall:

(1) Designate a medical director who has at least the following qualifications:

(a) A current license as a physician in this State;

(b) At least 2 years of experience or specialized training in the medical care of geriatric or chronically ill and impaired residents; and

(c) Successful completion of a curriculum in physician management or administration from:

(i) AMDA: The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine; or

(ii) A curriculum approved by the Department or its designee;

(2) Have a written agreement with a medical director that specifies the medical director's duties and roles and the authority to adequately discharge those responsibilities; and

(3) Submit a copy of the medical director’s credentials to the Department upon a change in the medical director.

B. The requirement specified in §A(1)(c) of this regulation becomes effective 3 years after the effective date of this regulation, but the medical director shall begin the educational process in physician management or administration within the first year from the date of employment as a medical director.