.36 Patient Rights.

A. A hospital shall develop a listing of the rights of patients that is consistent with the requirements of:

(1) The Joint Commission;

(2) Health-General Article, §19-342, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

(3) 42 CFR §482.13.

B. The hospitalís patient rights shall at minimum address:

(1) Patient privacy and confidentiality;

(2) Informed decision making and informed consent;

(3) Visitation;

(4) Advance directives;

(5) Access to patient medical records;

(6) Complaint and grievance process;

(7) Freedom from:

(a) Physical or mental abuse;

(b) Neglect;

(c) Harassment; or

(d) Mistreatment;

(8) A patientís right to expect and receive appropriate assessment, management, and treatment of pain as an integral component of the patientís care; and

(9) Communication in a manner the patient can understand.

C. All patients receiving services at the hospital, have the right to receive written copies of the hospitalís patient rights upon request.

D. The hospitalís patient rights shall be easily accessible to patients and visitors.

E. Hospital staff who are responsible for patient care shall:

(1) Receive training regarding the hospitalís patient rights; and

(2) Be able to assist patients and their families to:

(a) Access the services of the hospitalís patient advocacy staff;

(b) File a complaint or grievance; or

(c) Obtain a written copy of the hospitalís patient rights documents.