.04 Licensure Application Procedure.

A. A person desiring to open a hospital, to continue the operation of an existing hospital, or to change the classification of an existing hospital shall file an application with the Secretary, on a written or electronic form provided by the Secretary. An application shall state the classification of hospital for which a license is sought.

B. Applications on behalf of a corporation, association, or governmental unit or agency shall be made by two officers of the corporation, association, or governmental unit or agency and names of their Board members shall be submitted. Ownership of property, real estate, and equipment shall be disclosed if it is other than the licensee's. The names of persons holding 2 percent or more of the stock or assets shall be disclosed.

C. License Renewal. An application for the renewal of the license on a written or electronic form provided by the Secretary shall be made:

(1) By a nonaccredited hospital at least 60 days before expiration of the issued license; or

(2) By an accredited hospital within 30 calendar days of the exit date of the triennial survey conducted by an accreditation organization approved by the Department.

D. License Fees.

(1) All applications shall be accompanied by the fee established by the Secretary.

(2) Accredited hospitals shall submit a $3,000 nonrefundable license fee per accreditation period, payable to the Department.

(3) Nonaccredited hospitals shall submit a $1,000 nonrefundable annual license fee, payable to the Department.

E. In order to ensure that the hospital's licensure information is current, the hospital shall immediately notify the Department in writing of any change in the hospital's:

(1) Name;

(2) Administrator; or

(3) Contact information such as mailing address and telephone number.

F. In order to ensure the completion of any review or inspection by the Department of any major renovations, construction of patient care areas, or the establishment of a medical service as defined under Health-General Article, §19-120, Annotated Code of Maryland, and not previously provided by the hospital, the hospital shall notify the Department 60 days before its occupancy or operation.