.07 Permissible Use of ImmuNet Information.

Information in ImmuNet may be used by authorized users for the following purposes:

A. To provide coordinated immunization services, including sending reminder notices to individuals who need immunizations;

B. To obtain an individual immunization history;

C. To identify geographic areas or population groups who are underimmunized;

D. To compile aggregate information and distribute statistical reports on the status of immunizations in geographic areas and population groups;

E. To assist in the management of State and local immunization programs;

F. To monitor the safety of vaccines;

G. To assess compliance with immunization requirements by monitoring admissions to:

(1) Schools;

(2) Institutions of higher learning; and

(3) Child care facilities; and

H. For any other purpose that the Secretary deems necessary to prevent the spread of communicable diseases or assess the safety or effectiveness of vaccines in accordance with Health-General Article, §18-109(c), Annotated Code of Maryland.