.05 User Agreement.

A. An authorized user who wishes to obtain information from ImmuNet shall enter into a user agreement with the Department for the purpose of protecting the confidentiality and security of ImmuNet information.

B. The user agreement shall include but not be limited to the:

(1) Functions that may be performed by an authorized user of ImmuNet;

(2) Authorized uses of ImmuNet information as set forth in Health-General Article, §18-109(c), Annotated Code of Maryland;

(3) Prohibitive uses of ImmuNet information as set forth in Health-General Article, §18-109(f), Annotated Code of Maryland; and

(4) Basic practices for safeguarding confidential information.

C. Authorized users shall request the renewal of the user agreement on an annual basis.

D. Authorized User Functions.

(1) An authorized user who has signed a user agreement may obtain the following information about an individual from ImmuNet:

(a) First, middle, and last name;

(b) Date of birth;

(c) Address;

(d) Telephone number;

(e) In the case of a minor child, the name of the parent or guardian;

(f) Immunizations given;

(g) Immunization dates;

(h) Contraindication, adverse event, and exemption information; and

(i) Other medical information pertaining to vaccine-preventable diseases, including serologic test results.

(2) An authorized user that is a health care provider, local health department, long-term care facility, or school-based health center that administers immunizations may:

(a) Enter information into ImmuNet directly from medical records that are in the authorized userís possession; and

(b) Edit information the authorized user has entered into ImmuNet.

(3) An authorized user who is a patient or a parent or guardian of a minor may view the patientís or the minor patientís ImmuNet information without signing a user agreement by requesting the information from the patientís or minorís immunization provider or the Department.

(4) With approval from the Department, the following authorized users may enter information into ImmuNet:

(a) A child care facility;

(b) A health insurer;

(c) A health maintenance organization;

(d) An institution of higher learning;

(e) A managed care organization;

(f) A nonprofit health service plan; and

(g) A school.