.09 Laboratory Testing.

A. The following individuals shall submit rabies specimens for laboratory testing in the following order:

(1) The owner or custodian of an animal that has had bite or non-bite contact with an individual;

(2) The attending veterinarian;

(3) The bite victim;

(4) The local health officer; and

(5) The attending physician.

B. The director of the rabies testing laboratory shall promptly forward a copy of the results of a rabies examination to:

(1) The local health officer;

(2) The attending physician;

(3) The Public Health Veterinarian; and

(4) Other medical, veterinary, or animal control authority personnel who have submitted the specimen, such as private practice veterinarians, veterinary hospitals, laboratories, and health care providers.

C. The director of the rabies laboratory shall promptly report by telephone to the local health officer a positive rabies finding on a specimen from an animal that has been involved in bite or non-bite contact with an individual.

D. After receiving results of a positive finding of rabies, the local health officer shall notify the attending physician by telephone.