.05 Reporting Bite or Non-Bite Contacts to Humans.

A. A person having knowledge of an individual's having a bite from or non-bite contact with an animal shall report the facts of the contact immediately by telephone or in person to the local police or sheriff's department, except in Frederick County, where the person shall report the facts to the animal control center of Frederick County.

B. Except as provided at §C of this regulation, upon receipt of a report, the local police or sheriff's department or animal control personnel shall:

(1) Complete the Maryland Animal-Bite Report and Rabies Quarantine Agreement Form supplied by the Department, or an equivalent form developed by the local health department;

(2) Make the report available within 24 hours to the local health officer and, on request, to the Public Health Veterinarian; and

(3) Enforce all orders of the local health officer and the Public Health Veterinarian pursuant to this regulation.

C. The local health officer shall report the number of animal bite and non-bite contacts to the Public Health Veterinarian monthly as specified in COMAR 10.06.01.