.11 Physical Plant.

A. Floor Space.

(1) The kidney dialysis center shall have usable floor space of at least 80 square feet per patient station.

(2) Floor space may include bed or chair space, nursing space, and work area, but excludes storage space.

(3) At least 20 square feet of the patient station floor space shall be available on the side of the patient to be occupied by the dialysis assembly.

(4) Arrangement of space shall be sufficiently flexible to provide access to any of the patient's four extremities.

B. Treatment Area.

(1) The treatment area shall be designed and equipped to:

(a) Provide privacy and comfort for patients;

(b) Facilitate staff monitoring of patients receiving dialysis services; and

(c) Provide for the adequate isolation of hepatitis-positive patients.

(2) The kidney dialysis center shall have sufficient space for maintenance and storage of equipment and supplies, and for preparing and testing dialyzers.