.04 Inspections by the Secretary.

A. The Secretary may verify compliance with licensing requirements through on-site random sample record reviews.

B. For the purpose of verifying compliance, the Secretary shall have access to:

(1) The facility or office where the equipment is located;

(2) Patients' medical records, including image or scan records;

(3) Quality assurance records, including peer review documentation;

(4) Records documenting in-service training on use of the equipment;

(5) Records verifying personnel training;

(6) Equipment quality control and inspection records;

(7) Radiation safety reports;

(8) Records of referrals and evidence of appropriate use of equipment;

(9) Policies and procedures that ensure safe operation of equipment; and

(10) Qualifications of personnel:

(a) Permitted to supervise use of the major medical equipment,

(b) Permitted to operate the major medical equipment, and

(c) Responsible for maintenance of the major medical equipment.