.05 Personnel.

A. Administrator. The licensee shall appoint an administrator of the freestanding birthing center who is responsible for the:

(1) Daily administration of the center; and

(2) Training and supervision of all nonprofessional staff, unlicensed staff, and volunteers.

B. Director of Midwifery Services. The administrator shall appoint a certified nurse midwife as director of midwifery services who is responsible for the employment, training, and supervision of the licensed professional staff.

C. A physician shall be on call and available to provide medical assistance to the freestanding birthing center whenever the center is treating a patient.

D. Medical Director. The medical director shall:

(1) Be a physician with:

(a) Board certification in a specialty that provides services for pregnant and postpartum patients, or

(b) Appropriate experience in the care of pregnant and postpartum patients;

(2) Have staff privileges at a hospital licensed by this State; and

(3) Be responsible for advising and consulting with the center staff on all matters related to medical management of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, newborn, and gynecologic health care.

E. Two licensed staff individuals, one of whom shall be a certified nurse midwife, shall attend each birth. They shall be currently certified in:

(1) Adult CPR equivalent to the American Heart Association Class C basic life support; and

(2) Neonatal CPR equivalent to that of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association.