.02 Definitions.

A. "Adjusted gross monthly income" means gross monthly income less allowable deductions as set forth in Regulation .04C(5), of this chapter.

B. "Assets" means all accumulated personal wealth over which a person has the authority or power to liquidate his interest, including but not limited to cash savings, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, money market certificates, checking accounts, stocks, bonds, real property, personal property, mortgages, and mutual funds.

B-1. "Chargeable person" means:

(1) Any responsible relative; and

(2) Except for a recipient of services, any other person who is legally responsible in an individual or representative capacity for the care of an individual.

C. "Collectively" means pertaining to any combination of one or more responsible relatives.

D. "College expenses" means tuition cost for undergraduate studies.

E. "Department" means Maryland Department of Health.

F. "Dependent" means any person who qualifies as a dependent under the dependency test of the Internal Revenue Service.

G. "Gross monthly income" means total annual gross income divided by 12.

H. "Income" means a recurrent money benefit from any source.

I. "Individually" means pertaining to one sponsor.

J. "In-patient" means a person admitted to a State-operated facility.

K. "In-patient day." The number of days of service received by a patient for in-patient services is always in units of full days; a day begins at midnight and ends 24 hours later. The midnight method is to be used for billing days of care of patients. A part of a day, including the day of admission, counts as a full day, however, the day of discharge, the day of death, or a day on which a patient begins a leave of absence is not counted as a day. If admission and discharge or admission and death occur the same day, the day is considered a day of admission and counts as one in-patient day.

L. "Monthly rate" means the charge as developed under Regulation .04C(9)(a) of this chapter.

M. "Patient" means in-patient.

N. "Payroll taxes" means Social Security, federal, State, and local income taxes.

O. "Rate" means monthly rate.

O-1. "Recipient of services" means an individual who receives care, maintenance, treatment, and support in a facility or program that is operated or funded wholly or partly by the Department.

P. "Responsible relative" means the:

(1) Spouse of a recipient of services;

(2) Parents of a recipient of services who is a minor; and

(3) Children of a recipient of services.

Q. "Secretary" means Secretary of Health.

R. "Sponsor" means responsible relative.

S. "State-operated facility" means those hospitals and centers as set forth in Health-General Article, §§7-305, 10-406, and 19-502, Annotated Code of Maryland.

T. "Total lifetime hospitalization" means the sum total of all periods of inpatient hospitalization for a recipient of services in any State hospital or facility whether these periods are intermittent or continuous.

U. "Treatment" means any process by which professional care or attention is given to a patient in a State-operated facility.