.20 Maryland Adult External High School Program.

A. Program Description.

(1) The Maryland Adult External High School Program is designed to recognize demonstrated competence in adults, regardless of whether the skill was acquired in a formal school setting.

(2) Competencies areas addressed by the assessment are established by the National External Diploma Program.

B. Procedures for Administering the Maryland Adult External High School Program and the Issuance of a Diploma.

(1) The Maryland Adult External High School Program is administered under a license agreement with the National External Diploma Program (NEDP) by the Maryland Department of Labor in consultation with the State Board.

(2) Local grantees receiving Department funding to implement the Maryland Adult External High School Program shall operate the program according to NEDP standards and requirements in addition to provisions identified in annual requests for proposals and requirements determined by the Department.

(3) Requirements for the program are described in manuals available at the Maryland Department of Labor, 1100 North Eutaw Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201. These manuals describe all diagnostic and assessment instruments, administrative procedures, evaluation criteria, eligibility of applicants, and requirements for a diploma.

(4) Residents of Maryland 18 years old or older who are not currently enrolled in a high school, who are not high school graduates, and who pass a screening test are eligible to register for the program.

(5) A registration fee shall be charged of each individual at the time of entering the program. If a student leaves the program before completion and subsequently elects to register at a later time, a new registration fee may be charged.

(6) The required assessment instruments shall comply with the most current standards and materials of the NEDP program to assure that they are valid.

(7) A Maryland high school diploma shall be awarded to each graduate upon certification by the External Diploma Regional Center Director that the program requirements have been satisfactorily met. Diplomas shall be awarded monthly. The diplomas shall be awarded by the State Board and the Department and shall bear the signatures of the Board President and the Secretary.