.03 Cremation Container.

A. A cremation container:

(1) Shall be a readily combustible, rigid container suitable for cremation;

(2) Shall provide a completely enclosed covering for the human remains;

(3) Shall be resistant to leakage or spillage;

(4) Shall be of sufficient strength and rigidity for ease of handling;

(5) Shall provide protection to the health and safety of crematory establishment personnel;

(6) Shall comply with all local, State, and federal governmental emissions regulations; and

(7) May not be composed of metal or polyethylene material.

B. A cremation container which appears to be heavily coated with varnish, lacquer, or any other highly combustible substance shall be:

(1) Placed in a cold cremator within which no cremation has occurred in the prior 4 hours; or

(2) Coated completely with water before being placed in the cremator.