.10 Lapsed Registration.

A person who has been registered or permitted by the Office and who has allowed the registration or permit to lapse for at least 6 months may apply for registration or a permit in the following manner:

A. Complete an initial registration or permit application on a form supplied by the Office;

B. Pay the initial registration or permit fee and the late renewal fee under COMAR 09.34.03;

C. Meet the initial registration or permit requirements under Regulations .04, .05, and .06 of this chapter;

D. Submit the documentation required by Regulation .06 of this chapter;

E. If a balance sheet is required, submit a comparative balance sheet, related note disclosures, and supplementary information based on the requirements for a comparative balance sheet of Regulation .06 of this chapter accompanied by a review report prepared by a retained certified public accountant; and

F. Provide a full, written explanation to the Office detailing the reasons why the registration or permit was allowed to expire and why registration or a permit is now sought.