.01 Scope.

A. This chapter governs the:

(1) Registration of individuals who operate cemeteries and provide burial goods in the State; and

(2) Application procedures for persons requiring a permit to operate a cemetery or provide burial goods in this State.

B. This chapter does not apply to:

(1) A person that owns and operates a bona fide religious, nonprofit cemetery in this State;

(2) The operation of a funeral establishment in this State, including the sale of burial goods in the ordinary course of the funeral establishment's business;

(3) A licensed funeral director acting within the scope of a State funeral director's license;

(4) A mortician acting within the scope of a State mortician's license;

(5) A not-for-profit organization created before 1900 by an act of the General Assembly;

(6) A county, city, or municipal corporation that owns and operates a cemetery in the State; or

(7) A veterans' cemetery operated by the State.