.05 Job Placement.

A. Job Order.

(1) An employer may place a job order with Job Service. A job order is a single request for referral of one or more applicants to fill one or more job openings in a single occupational classification. The job order shall provide sufficient information to describe the job.

(2) Pursuant to 20 CFR §652.8(j) and COMAR 01.01.1988.05, Job Service shall fill all job orders on a nondiscriminatory basis, and shall decline any job order carrying a specification or limitation as to political or religious opinion or affiliation, marital status, race, color, creed, or national origin, or as to sex or age, unless sex or age constitutes a bona fide occupational qualification, or as to the physical or mental disability of a qualified individual with a disability.

(3) Pursuant to 20 CFR §652.8(j), Job Service shall accept and attempt to accommodate employers' valid affirmative action requests in job orders by referring a significant number of qualified applicants from the target groups.

B. Applicant. An individual may become a Job Service applicant by applying to Job Service.

C. Job Referral.

(1) Job Service staff shall review the applicant's completed application to assess the applicant's qualifications.

(2) When appropriate, Job Service shall attempt to match the applicant's qualification with the specifications set forth in a job order or otherwise attempt to develop a job opportunity for the applicant.

(3) Job Service may refer one or more applicants to an employer in response to a job order.

(4) If an applicant fails to appear for three scheduled appointments with employers within a 12-month period, Job Service may refuse to refer the applicant for 1 year following the third missed appointment.

(5) Applicants exhibiting disruptive behavior at a public employment office on a given day may not be referred to an employer that day.

D. No Guarantees. Neither the United States Department of Labor nor the Maryland Department of Labor guarantees the truthfulness or accuracy of information obtained from employers or applicants.