.07 Notice of Recovery and Right to Request Waiver.

When the Secretary decides to recover an overpayment, the Secretary shall notify the overpaid claimant in writing. The notice shall include:

A. The amount to be recovered;

B. The weeks with respect to which the benefits were paid;

C. The provision of the law under which it was determined that the claimant was ineligible for benefits;

D. A brief explanation of the means available to the Department for recovery of the overpayment;

E. A statement directing the claimant to the claimant's local office to obtain an application for waiver of overpayment; and

F. A statement advising that the claimant has 30 days from the date of the notice to submit an application for waiver of overpayments, unless the claimant can show good cause for not meeting the 30-day requirement.