.05 Reports and Notices by the Electing Unit.

A. The electing unit shall promptly notify each individual affected by its approved election, on the Form RC-2 supplied by the elected jurisdiction, and shall furnish the elected agency a copy of this notice.

B. Whenever an individual covered by an election under this regulation is separated from his employment, the electing unit shall again notify him, immediately, as to the jurisdiction under whose unemployment compensation law his services have been covered. If at the time of termination, the individual is not located in the elected jurisdiction, the electing unit shall notify him as to the procedure for filing interstate benefit claims.

C. The electing unit shall immediately report to the elected jurisdiction any change which occurs in the conditions of employment pertinent to its election, such as cases where an individual's services for the employer cease to be customarily performed in more than one participating jurisdiction or where a change in the work assigned to an individual requires him to perform services in a new participating jurisdiction.