.03 Submission and Approval of Coverage under the Interstate Reciprocal Coverage Arrangement.

A. Any employing unit may file an election, on Form RC-1, to cover under the law of a single participating jurisdiction all the services performed for him by an individual who customarily works for him in more than one participating jurisdiction. An election as just described may be filed, with respect to an individual with any participating jurisdiction in which:

(1) Any part of the individual's services are performed;

(2) The individual has his residence; or

(3) The employing unit maintains a place of business to which the individual's services bears a reasonable relation.

B. Approval of the Election.

(1) The agency of the elected jurisdiction (thus selected and determined) shall approve or disapprove the election.

(2) If the agency approves the election, it shall forward a copy of it to the agency of each other participating jurisdiction specified on the copy, under whose unemployment compensation law the individual or individuals in question might, in the absence of this election, be covered. Each interested agency shall approve or disapprove the election, as promptly as practicable, and shall notify the agency of the elected jurisdiction accordingly. If its law requires, any interested agency, before taking this action, may require from the electing employing unit satisfactory evidence that the affected employees have been notified of, and have acquiesced in, the election.

C. If the agency of the elected jurisdiction, or the agency of any interested jurisdiction, disapproves the election, the disapproving agency shall notify the elected jurisdiction and the electing employing unit of its action and of its reason for this action.

D. Such an election shall take effect as to the elected jurisdiction only if approved by its agency and by one or more interested agencies. An election thus approved shall take effect, as to any interested agency, only if it is approved by the agency.

E. In case any election is approved only in part, or is disapproved by some of the agencies, the electing employing unit may withdraw its election within 10 days after being notified of this action.