.02 Computation of Rate of Insured Unemployment.

A. National "On" and "Off" Indicators. The national "on" and "off" indicators shall be determined by the United States Secretary of Labor and upon notification by that officer concerning the existence of these indicators the Secretary shall act in response to them as provided by law.

B. State "On" and "Off" Indicators.

(1) The Secretary shall determine the "rate of insured unemployment" for the purposes of the State "on" and "off" indicators. In making this determination he shall use a fraction, the numerator of which will be the weekly average number of weeks claimed in the State for the 13-week period ending with the week for which the determination is made (not seasonally adjusted) and the denominator of which shall be the average monthly employment covered under the State law for the first four of the last six calendar quarters ending before the close of the 13-week period. The quotient obtained is to be computed to four decimal places and is not to be otherwise rounded.

(2) The rate for the most recent 13-week period is to be divided by the average of the rates for the corresponding 13-week periods in each of the 2 preceding years to determine whether the rate is equal to 120 percent of the average rate for the 2 years. The quotient obtained shall be computed to four decimal places and may not be otherwise rounded. The average of the rates for the corresponding 13-week periods in each of the 2 preceding years shall be one-half the sum of the rates for the period computed to four decimal places and not otherwise rounded.

(3) For the purpose of determining the corresponding 13-week period ending in each of the preceding calendar years, the first week in any calendar year shall be the first full calendar week in that year. The Secretary shall utilize the list of numbered weeks for each calendar year beginning with the first Sunday in January, 1968, provided by the Secretary of Labor.

C. For Both National and State Indicators. In determining the "weekly average number of weeks claimed" for any period, the Secretary shall count weeks claimed in continued claims (including interstate claims filed in the State) for total, partial, or part-total unemployment for regular or extended compensation, and shall exclude claims filed under 5 U.S.C. Chapter 85 (UCFE/UCX) and interstate claims filed against Maryland as liable state.