.05 Separation Notices.

A. The Secretary shall request on appropriate forms information pertaining to the separation of claimants from employment.

B. When a claimant files a new claim, the Secretary shall request separation information from the claimant's base period employers and the claimant's other employers from the end of the base period to the filing of the claim. Each employer shall indicate on the separation notice the:

(1) Reason for the claimant's separation from employment;

(2) Last day that the claimant worked for that employer;

(3) Amount and form of any pension pay to which the claimant may be entitled, and whether the claimant contributed to the pension;

(4) Amount of any holiday pay, vacation pay, severance pay, or special pay paid or payable by the employer;

(5) Claimant's last weekly or hourly pay rate; and

(6) Other information that the Secretary may request.

C. When a claimant files an additional claim for benefits, the Secretary shall request the information set forth in §B of this regulation from the claimant's last employer and any other employer for whom the claimant worked since the claimant last filed for benefits.

D. An employer shall complete and return the separation notice to the address shown on the notice, or by electronic means, within the time prescribed in the Unemployment Insurance Law.

E. A separation notice is deemed returned when it is either received by the Department or postmarked by the United States Post Office.