.04 Conflicts of Interest.

A. A licensee shall make every effort to avoid conflicts of interest with the employer or client. Whenever conflicts of interest appear unavoidable, however, the licensee shall disclose promptly and fully all the circumstances to the employer or client.

B. A licensee shall inform promptly an employer or client of any business association, interests, or circumstances which may influence the judgment or the quality of services rendered to the employer or client.

C. A licensee may not accept compensation, financial or other, from more than one party for services on a project or for services pertaining to a project unless full disclosure is made by the licensee to all interested parties.

D. A licensee may not solicit or accept financial or other valuable consideration from a material supplier or equipment supplier for specifying the supplier's projects, except when the licensee is a previously announced employee or agent of the supplier.

E. Except for gifts of only token value, a licensee may not solicit or accept gratuities, directly or indirectly, from any contractor, architect, engineer, or other party dealing with the licensee's employer or client in connection with work for which the licensee is responsible.