.03 Examinations.

A. Scope of the Examination.

(1) The scope of the examinations will be established by the Board.

(2) The examinations shall:

(a) Be designed to determine the qualifications of the applicant to practice landscape architecture;

(b) Cover such technical, professional and practical subjects as relates to the practice of the profession of landscape architecture;

(c) Cover the basic arts and sciences, a knowledge of which is material and necessary to the proper understanding, application, and qualification for practice of the profession of landscape architecture.

B. The minimum passing grade in all subjects of the examination shall be established by the Board.

C. An applicant receiving a passing grade on a subject included in the examination will be given credit for that subject.

D. Applicants may take all or any parts of the original examination or the re-examination.

E. Applicants desiring to retake certain subjects of the examination may be required to appear before the Board and furnish evidence of satisfactory study and preparation before readmittance to the examination.