.03 License Name.

A. A dealer's license may be issued only in the name of an individual. If the individual operates under a trade name or through a corporation or other commercial entity, the trade name, the corporate name, or business name shall be listed on the license.

B. A licensee may not operate as a secondhand precious metals dealer under any name other than the individual's name unless the trade name, corporate name, or name of the business is listed on the dealer's license and is certified to the Department of Assessments and Taxation under Article 2, §18, Annotated Code of Maryland.

C. A licensee shall only use the trade, corporate, or business name listed on the license.

D. A licensee may only effect a change of a trade, corporate, or business name if the licensee:

(1) Notifies the Secretary of the licensee's intent to change the trade, corporate, or business name; and

(2) Receives approval from the Secretary of the change of the trade, corporate, or business name.