.04 Filing an Application with the Board.

A. Each original applicant shall:

(1) File an application with the Board on forms that the Board approves; and

(2) Submit the appropriate fee and the official transcripts demonstrating completion of the educational requirements set forth in Regulation .03 of this chapter to the address designated by the Board on the appropriate application forms.

B. A candidate may choose to take the examination sections individually and in any order.

C. An application to take a reexamination shall be submitted on a form, or in a manner, determined by the Board.

D. For examinations administered after November 6, 2003, a candidate approved to take the examination before July 1, 1999 shall meet the requirements of Regulation .03 of this chapter unless the candidate:

(1) Has earned conditional credit under Regulation .04 of this chapter; or

(2) Was present for the examinations administered in:

(a) May 2003; or

(b) November 2003.

E. The Board shall give examinations to applicants, at least twice a year, at times and places that the Board determines.

F. Notification of Candidate Eligibility and Notice to Schedule.

(1) The Board or its designee shall issue a notice to schedule upon:

(a) The original candidate's approval to take the Uniform CPA Examination and payment of appropriate examination fees; or

(b) Receipt of payment of appropriate examination fees from a reexamination candidate.

(2) The notice to schedule is valid for 180 days from the date issued.

G. A candidate may not retake a failed examination section during the same administration window.

H. After filing the proper application and fee, if a candidate does not appear at the exam as scheduled, the candidate forfeits the application fee.

I. A candidate may not transfer fees from one administration window to another.

J. If the examination is offered on a continuous basis with no administration window limitations, a candidate may retake a failed examination section once their grade for that section has been released.