.06 Values of Units.

A. PDH units are earned or converted from other units of credit as follows:

(1) 1 college or unit semester hour — 45 PDH units;

(2) 1 college or unit quarter hour — 30 PDH units;

(3) 1 continuing education unit — 10 PDH units;

(4) Each published paper or article on an engineering subject as identified in Regulation .04 of this chapter — 5 PDH units;

(5) Each published book on an engineering subject — 24 PDH units;

(6) Teaching of engineering and related subjects on a part-time basis, provided that:

(a) The presenter may claim credit for the first time presentation of the qualifying program; and

(b) The presenter may claim up to 2 times the number of PDH units awarded by the Board for the same program;

(7) Participation in engineering, professional or technical societies, regardless of the number of organizations a licensee may be serving on simultaneously, as an officer, provided that the credit is not considered earned until the end of each year of service completed — 1 PDH unit;

(8) Work related to the development and submission of examination questions subject to the following limitations:

(a) Questions accepted for use on NCEES examinations — 2 PDH units per accepted question, up to 4 PDH units per year; and

(b) Attendance and participation in NCEES exam development committee meetings — up to 6 PDH units per year; and

(9) Obtaining a patent — 8 PDH units.

B. The final determinations of value and other matters related to the PDH units are the responsibility of the licensee, subject to review and approval by the Board.