.04 Qualifying Programs.

A. Programs shall meet at least the following criteria in order to be considered qualifying programs:

(1) Maintain and enhance professional competency of professional engineers; and

(2) Foster improvement, advancement, and extension of professional skills and knowledge related to the practice of engineering.

B. Qualifying programs shall have the following content areas:

(1) Technical, research, analytical, or design aspects of engineering;

(2) Laws and regulations applicable to the practice of engineering in Maryland;

(3) Engineering-related computer hardware and software topics;

(4) Standards of practice or care;

(5) Professional engineering ethics;

(6) Project management, risk assessment and management, or emergency and disaster management; or

(7) Similar topics aimed to maintain, improve, or expand the skills and knowledge relevant to the licensee’s field of practice.

C. The determination of whether the activity constitutes a qualifying activity is within the discretion of the Board.