.04 Sanitation Requirements—Estheticians.

A. In addition to the sanitation requirements in Regulation .03 of this chapter, a cosmetology school approved by the State Board of Education or the Maryland Higher Education Commission that offers cosmetology services normally performed by an esthetician shall comply with the sanitation requirements in §B of this regulation.

B. Sanitation Requirements.

(1) Creams, lotions, powders, and other cosmetics shall be removed from the patron by means of disposable absorbent cotton, cleansing tissue, cotton swab, pledget, or other similar material.

(2) Lip and eyebrow pencils shall be sharpened after each use.

(3) Lip color, eye color, shadows, or other cosmetics shall be removed from the container by a spatula and applied to the client with a disposable or cleansed and sanitized applicator.

(4) Disposable lip, makeup, eyelash, or other cosmetic applicator shall be discarded immediately after use.

(5) Hair removal waxes may not be used for more than one client. Any excess wax left after client service shall be discarded immediately.

(6) Blood lancets shall be wrapped and discarded immediately after use.

(7) An EPA-registered disinfectant effective against HIV and hepatitis viruses or a hospital-grade tuberculocidal disinfectant shall be:

(a) Kept on the esthetician tray for contact disinfection of implements that may come in contact with blood; and

(b) Changed every 1 to 2 hours, or immediately upon becoming dirty, cloudy, or contaminated with blood.

(8) Nondisposable drapings shall be laundered after each client.