.07 Citations to Beauty Salons.

Unless otherwise indicated, the following civil penalties are applicable to the following violations of the laws and regulations of the Board of Cosmetologists discovered by a Board inspector during an inspection of a beauty salon:

A. Operating a beauty salon for which a permit:

(1) Never has been issued—formal hearing;

(2) Expired—$300;

B. Licensing of personnel:

(1) Operating without a valid license—formal hearing;

(2) Services beyond scope—$300;

(3) Improper supervision of apprentice—$300;

(4) No valid government-issued photo identification — $100;

C. Failure to display:

(1) Sign—$25;

(2) Permit—$50;

(3) Condensed rules and regulations—$100;

(4) Zoning certificate—$50;

D. Sanitation:

(1) Improper disinfection:

(a) Failure to wash implements before disinfection — $150;

(b) Failure to properly disinfect implements, bowls, basins, or other areas—$150;

(c) Failure to properly store disinfected implements — $150;

(d) Failure to keep clean disinfectant on esthetician tray or nail technician table—$150;

(2) Improper procedures for cut or blood-related incidents—formal hearing;

(3) Other:

(a) Poor lighting, heating, or ventilation—$50;

(b) Unclean walls, curtains, or floor coverings—$50;

(c) Absence of hot or cold running water—$50;

(d) Presence of rodents or insects—$50;

(e) Use of salon (shop) for sleeping or living—$100;

(f) Failure to promptly remove hair or debris—$50;

(g) Unsanitary restroom—$50;

(h) No soap dispenser and disposable towels—$50;

(i) Unclean operator's garments—$50;

(j) Failure to wash hands before each client—$50;

(k) No wet sanitizer at station—$50;

(l) No closed drawer or cabinet for disinfected implements at station—$100;

(m) Use of neck duster, powder puff, sponge, septic pencil, or lump alum on more than one client—$100;

(n) Improper application, removal, or discarding of lotions, oils, and other liquids—$100;

(o) Improper application of creams—$100;

(p) Improper maintenance of lotions, oils, and other liquids—$100;

(q) Failure to properly cover head, foot rest, or manicuring cushion—$100;

(r) Improper storage or disposal of towels—$50;

(s) Improper sanitation of pressing combs or curling irons—$100;

(t) Insufficient number of combs or brushes—$50;

(u) Failure to use protective neck strip—$50;

(v) Improperly washed or sanitized shampoo bowl — $50;

(w) Improper cleansing or sanitation of retention rods—$100;

(x) Failure to remove soiled items from top of work station after use—$50;

(y) Placement of pins or clips in mouth—$50;

(z) Use of implements dropped on floor without cleaning and disinfecting—$100;

(aa) Failure to sharpen lip or eyebrow pencil after each use—$100;

(bb) Failure to discard disposable implement or cosmetic after use—$100;

(cc) Use of hair removal wax for more than one client—$300;

(dd) Failure to launder nondisposable draping after each client—$50;

(ee) Unsanitary manicuring table or surrounding area—$100;

(ff) Improper paraffin wax procedures—$100;

(gg) Improper use of electric files, bits, or sanding bands—$100;

(hh) Improper procedures when working on acrylic nails—$100;

E. Unauthorized services:

(1) Massage—$300;

(2) Microdermabrasion—formal hearing;

(3) Lasers—formal hearing;

(4) Glycolic acid—formal hearing;

(5) Chemical peels—formal hearing;

(6) Practice causing tissue destruction or penetration to the blood fluid barrier—formal hearing;

(7) Credo blade—$300;

F. Prohibited practices:

(1) Services on client with infectious or contagious disease—formal hearing;

(2) Operator with infectious or contagious disease performing services—formal hearing;

(3) Services on inflamed skin or scalp without physician authorization—formal hearing;

(4) Removal of corns, calluses, or other growths of skin by cutting—$300;

(5) Use of electrical muscle stimulator devices—$300;

(6) Cosmetic tattooing—formal hearing;

(7) Presence of animal—$100;

(8) Sale of used hairpieces—$300;

(9) Methyl methacrylate liquid monomer (MMA)—formal hearing;

G. Interference with inspector—formal hearing.