.01 General Requirements.

A. A licensee, permit holder, or registrant shall be familiar with and comply with the laws and regulations governing the practice of beauty culture.

B. Every licensee and registrant shall:

(1) Display a current and valid license in full view of the public at the practitioner's work station;

(2) Affix a current picture to the license; and

(3) Have available at all times valid government-issued photographic identification.

C. When a senior cosmetologist or cosmetologist practices cosmetology in the residence of a patron, in a nursing home, or in a hospital, the following conditions shall be met:

(1) The services are sponsored by an authorized salon;

(2) The licensee is fully supplied with sanitized and disinfected equipment by the sponsoring salon and the implements and tools are carried back and forth in an appropriate manner to assure they are not contaminated;

(3) The sponsoring salon maintains complete records of all services performed, and the date, time, place, and charge for the services;

(4) All tools, equipment, and complete records are available for inspection;

(5) Board inspectors are permitted to conduct inspections of any area where cosmetology services are provided; and

(6) When the cosmetology services are provided in a nursing home, hospital, or similar facility, the:

(a) Patron is a:

(i) Resident of the facility, and

(ii) Customer of the beauty salon, preexisting or otherwise;

(b) Facility does not hold itself out to the public as a provider of cosmetology services; and

(c) Compensation paid for the cosmetology services is ultimately paid to the licensee performing the services or to the sponsoring beauty salon.

D. A senior cosmetologist, cosmetologist, esthetician, nail technician, or makeup artist operating a barber shop shall comply with all pertinent sanitation regulations contained in COMAR—.06.

E. A photography studio which provides hair styling or makeup services as a part of a photo package shall obtain an owner's permit, and the services shall be performed by an authorized licensee.

F. A licensee, permit holder, or registrant shall promptly notify the Board of any change of address.

G. The Board may initiate a criminal prosecution of a person who engages in the practice of beauty culture without a valid license or registration.

H. A licensee or registrant is responsible for the sanitary condition of the licensee's or registrant's individual work station.

I. A licensee, permit holder, or registrant may not knowingly interfere with the lawful activity of an inspector of the Board.

J. The provision of cosmetology, esthetic, or nail technology services in a beauty salon is prima facie evidence that compensation has been, or will be, paid for the services rendered.