.03 Fees and Costs.

A. The Secretary and the design boards have agreed to average their direct and indirect costs, based on the calculation of costs performed by the Secretary in consultation with the design boards. Based on these calculations, the Board sets the following fees:

(1) License fee — $76.50;

(2) Permit fee — $100;

(3) Nonrefundable initial application fee payable in connection with:

(a) An application for permit — $35;

(b) An application for license by reciprocity — $50;

(4) Reinstatement fee — $100.

B. Retired Status. The Board sets the fee for a retired status license at $50.

C. An applicant shall pay the examination fees directly to NCARB, as these fees are established by NCARB.

D. Effective October 1, 2009, an applicant shall pay directly to NCARB or its designee a security and development fee of $40 per each section of the ARE, as such fee is established by NCARB.